Hello, Love! But It’s Not Goodbye

Everyday, I wonder about the day we meet again. How will it go? Will things be different? Maybe we’d pick up right where we left off, like time has not passed at all. Maybe we’ll remember how we agreed that we kept us frozen in time, like awaiting for the next season of a great show. Maybe because we wanted to remember us that way in each and every moment together because what we have is special. It is extraordinary. I want to remember the love – how much love came into existence between us. I want to remember the future that we pictured us together. Supporting and being in each others side because that’s what we do. I hold onto that moment. Everyday.

We must have unconsciously lost ourselves somewhere in between the then and the now, the same place where we found ourselves that was in each other. I still cannot fathom how else I could explain it, but this kind of love is different. It hit me differently. All I ever know now that this love with you is all I ever wanted to keep forever. But of course, life happens and unfortunately, we cannot always get what we want. I believe that the universe gives us what we need the moment we need it. No words and feelings can describe how difficult it is to accept that. But we have to, right?

Time is one of the things that we all take for granted which is just so easy to put the blame on it. Bad timing, isn’t it? But what is so essential with time that too much emphasis and pressure is so valuable to us? I think that maybe it’s not just about time. Maybe it’s about our own paths, our own journey, our own choices and how those paths, journey, and choices can possibly align again if they’re meant to.

But, what else is possible? It made me realize that maybe we both need to grow individually. Maybe we both need to be somewhere and be who it is that we’re meant to be. To grow and be the best version of ourselves that we’re meant to be so we can come back and be that for each other one day. I find comfort in that – that the possibility of all that love, the longing, and the waiting wasn’t just for nothing. All of these to better ourselves and push us to become the best of ourselves that we can be.

I unshamingly admit that I imagine what would it be like to go back and be us again. I always take myself back to that moment where I kept us in and how much it changed my life. I do believe that the universe has a plan. Que sera, sera (What will be, will be). So each waking moment, I try to learn to embrace that fear of uncertainty and push myself forward. Some days, all the longing I feel makes me torn apart inside but I always tell myself to keep going, keep it together, and always asking – How does it get any better than this?

Hello, beautiful soul! Thank you for reading this article.

My name is Ellia, and I write relatable, meaningful and inspiring content that would be of value to your own personal growth. Just keep doing you and believe in yourself.  🌻

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