I Am My Worst Enemy

Yes and I cause all of my own sufferings.


Mostly with expectations and how I choose to react to certain things. And you know what’s ridiculous? I cause my own disappointment, anxiety, stress, and frustrations. Which is why I choose to practice mindfulness and awareness because it is constantly ongoing.

I choose to no longer blame other people for anything. I realize that I’m responsible for my happiness and my unhappiness – these choices are mine to make.

I choose to move forward from past mistakes and draw inspiration to it to become a better version of myself. It is from my own downfall that I learn to train my mind and see the good in a negative situation.

I choose to appreciate and love myself more when times are difficult to even catch a glimpse of the silver lining. For in these moments, I am reminded that there is more to be grateful for than to surrender to my failures. By reminding you to choose gratitude at every turn, I am also being reminded.

So, thank you for being on this path with me. I appreciate you. Remember that you are always a work-in-progress, just like everybody else.

Hello, beautiful soul! Thank you for reading this article.

My name is Ellia, and I write relatable, meaningful and inspiring content that would be of value to your own personal growth. Just keep doing you and believe in yourself.  🌻

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