Never Not Love You

No matter how much it kills you to see them go, let them go.

Yes, most of the time love is holding on. But love needs balance, just like anything else. Hold on, fight, but when it’s no longer healthy and giving you peace, surrender. That’s also love – a perfect mixture of holding on and letting go. I learned to believe in this more than I believed that if they love you, they will never leave. Because as difficult as it may sound, there are undeniable times that they have to go, where you two have to be on a separate journey and find yourselves without your relationship’s influence.

Somewhere along the way, I had to let you go for you to determine your next steps and your future plans; things that you needed to settle outside us. Even if it means doing it without me, do what you must. I am not forcing you to stay. I am not urging for your presence to stay by my side no matter how much I wanted you to. I am not giving an ultimatum either. I am not forcing you to choose me. I am allowing you to fly, as high as you can, run as far as you can.

I would like you to discover the things that you want, the things that you would like to prioritize on your own. I would like you to decide on your own – not because I insist and not because I made you.

In the span of time that we’ll be apart, it doesn’t matter how many things can happen – those who love truly, trusts truly. And I trust that if you love me, you’ll come back. For love is not a set of chains that I have to put on you in order for you to stay with me.

I would like you to grow in all aspects of your life possible – in your career, your passion, and your dreams. I believe and I know in my heart that you will make it big, in time. I would like you to discover yourself, gather experiences, learn new things, and unearth the secrets of life. I would like you to explore life and look for ways to fill every void in your being, and I would like these glimpses of happiness fix all your broken parts that I can’t fix. I would like you to achieve all the things you want for yourself. All the possible happiness in the world. I want to use these hands to give you what you need and face the sacrifices it require, because love is generous. I will endure the sorrow it includes. And if our love is real, it will endure as well. Parting is never easy, nothing is really easy when it comes to love, it is something we both have to work hard for.

I will grow as well, figure out my life, my future. In the process, I will love you, still. I mean, can you really unlove someone? I don’t think so. You will always be here, forever marked upon my heart. If one day, we’ll see each other again and feel the same ignition, the same spark, the burning fire in our hearts that tells us we’re made for each other, then let’s do it again. Let’s risk it. Let’s gamble on it.

Let’s make it work, feed the love, and allow it to blossom.

When you come back, I know you’re whole. I know that I’m not something to occupy your voids, but I am an addition to you, a beautiful soul. When you come back, I’ll be humble and accepting. I will lay down all our weaknesses and mistakes out in the open so we can begin again. Love forgives. We will allow forgiveness to reign above our shortcomings, above our past. When you come back, I’ll love you entirely. I’ll love you more than the aches, the tragedies, the misunderstanding, the separate roads we took, more than all the hardships – I’ll love you, above all these, always. And as long as there are no valid reasons to let go, then I won’t. I’ll hold on, for I am home.

I do believe that destiny has its way, if you are meant for me, you’ll be with me and I’ll be with you.

Because in the end when all is said and done, no matter how many times we went out of our way, how far our paths went, how many people we met, how many years it took, how many obstacles we undergone; no matter how many turns we made that produced great distance between us, even if we’re halfway around the globe – true love will prevail.

Hello, beautiful soul! Thank you for reading this article.

My name is Ellia, and I write relatable, meaningful and inspiring content that would be of value to your own personal growth. Just keep doing you and believe in yourself.  🌻

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