I’m on YouTube!

So, I decided to expand my audience reach and venture out to YouTube. It’s gonna be a one helluva ride to be doing both blogging and vlogging! I hope you will still support me. Here’s my introduction video wherein I was speaking both the English and Tagalog (Filipino) languages. English subtitles are available for the… Read more I’m on YouTube!

Never Not Love You

No matter how much it kills you to see them go, let them go. Yes, most of the time love is holding on. But love needs balance, just like anything else. Hold on, fight, but when it’s no longer healthy and giving you peace, surrender. That’s also love – a perfect mixture of holding on… Read more Never Not Love You

It’s OK!

Whatever it is that is going on right now in your life – it’s okay. It’s okay if you’re hurt, if you’re confused, if you don’t recognize yourself anymore. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s okay to be lost and get hurt. It’s okay to be in the dark and unable… Read more It’s OK!

GIF by Claire Larkins via Dribbble

Hey Soulmate! You Complete Me

Some believe that a soulmate is your other half that will make you whole. Interesting point of view! My point of view is that a soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. It is someone who inspires you to complete yourself. Someone who supports your direction, motivates you, and encourages you to stretch your abilities, to… Read more Hey Soulmate! You Complete Me

“Good Vibes Only” Is Not Always What You Think

There are times that I read something where someone says, “Good vibes only.” And I think it’s unlikely and unrealistic to me. Thinking like that is also unhealthy. This is why: In reality, nothing exist solely in the space of “good vibes” or “pure light”. Secondly, to cling on to that idea isn’t only unreasonable,… Read more “Good Vibes Only” Is Not Always What You Think

I Am My Worst Enemy

Yes and I cause all of my own sufferings. How? Mostly with expectations and how I choose to react to certain things. And you know what’s ridiculous? I cause my own disappointment, anxiety, stress, and frustrations. Which is why I choose to practice mindfulness and awareness because it is constantly ongoing. I choose to no… Read more I Am My Worst Enemy

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